Shawn the Tutor – Math, Physics, and Electrical Engineering Tutor

I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver with solid knowledge of Mathematics and Physics and about 12 years of experience in tutoring them.

I can explain complex concepts in simple and easy-to-understand terms and help you understand your courses better and get higher grades in them. I tutor Mathematics and Physics at high school and first-year university level (AP Calculus and Physics included). I can also help you with some of your first-year Electrical Engineering courses and with your assignments. Additionally, I can create AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS model files for you.

If you would like to book a tutoring session, please contact me by email at  or


Triangle Solver Android App

I have recently developed an android app that solves any triangle when given sufficient input data. Sufficient input data could be any of the following: Three sides, two sides and the angle between them, or two angles and any one side.

Please note that only three values (excluding the value for the number of decimal places) must be entered each time. The unknown values must be left blank. The sides of the triangle must be entered in the same unit. The default angle unit is degree.

The app allows the user to set the number of decimal places and to operate it in either degree or radian mode. These two settings must be set before pressing the compute button. After pressing the compute button, changing these settings does not affect the output.

This app does not contain any full-page ads. The paid version of the app without ads will be available later.

My Triangle Solver on Google Play